Product - Mills

Horizontal Sifter


The Vibrating Horizontal Sifter GVSO was designed to carry out the sifting of hard runoff products ensuring efficiency, reliability and high capacity. The machine is provided with a vibration caused by an eccentric mass, which prevents the deposit of material on the hopper or on other parts of the machine.


The damping is performed with four natural rubber brackets fixed directly to the soil. For inspection and rapid replacement of the sifting screen, there are two large doors, one at each side of the machine, that are for safety reasons only open with keys. The rotor is mounted on spherical roller bearings and by two rows of rollers, engineered for a very long lasting. The machine is manufactured with horizontal axis with a channeling flange at the inlet for the distribution of product flow. The rotor provided with beaters, which drive the product on the synthetic fiber nylon screen surface, and simultaneously make it move to the offal’s discharge.


A series of externally adjustable braking paddles, which can be set while in operation, improve the sifting by varying the time the product remains in the machine. The adjustment helps the sifting from soft to hard grits without having to change the bolting cloth. The sifted material is unloaded through distinct hoppers to separate the first quality flour from the inferior quality one.